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Eye-catching Japanese form. Heart-warming Japanese hospitality.

Vacation Japan is a cultural specialist group that contributes to promoting traditional Japanese culture, international exchanges, and regional economies. We will guide you to eye-catching scenery and heart-warming hospitality (“omotenashi”) in Japan.

Vacation Japan

Our goal is to fulfill the diverse needs of overseas visitors and create the first all-in-one travel site in Japan.


Vacation Japan’s site is proud to present one-stop information on lodgings tailored to each visitor’s needs, a database of Japanese cultural specialists, and guides on nature/countryside exploration. We will ensure that visitors from overseas realize their unforgettable Japan journey!

  • Artisans伝統文化スペシャリスト

    Based on the concept of “Sharing traditional Japanese culture abroad”, we will construct a website that presents a collection of over one thousand specialists of traditional Japanese culture who are the final word on hospitality. A site that enables you to lookup information on first-class specialists of Japanese culinary arts, sake, kimono, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, martial arts, and more. Through these registered specialists of traditional Japanese culture, we provide a heart-capturing first-hand formal dining and tour(s) experience for visitors to Japan who have a passion for Japanese culture and wish to experience Japan.

  • Accommodations建築

    We recommend visitors to Japan to owners and potential managers of Minpaku (Privately run B&B’s), Ryokan (Traditional inns), and hotels that exemplify Japanese traditional aesthetic that captures your gaze. We also give consultation for developing business plans for the revitalization of Ryokan and Hotels. We dispatch specialists of Japanese traditional culture to the completed residences and lodgings. We pay special attention to the unique needs and desires of overseas visitors to Japan. With these lodgings serving as the centerpiece, we would like to plan first-hand farming and agricultural experience tours, which also have the added benefit contributing to regional revitalization.

  • Nature Tours地方創生

    The theme, Deep Japan. We wish to reveal the breathtaking sightseeing treasures and traditional culture hidden in the countryside to the world at large, and welcome many overseas visitors to come experience the local Japan. We are preparing a never-before seen, captivating nature experience tour. Additionally, we present a glimpse into the daily crafting spaces and workplaces of specialists of traditional Japanese culture who pursue their crafts locally. Furthermore, we are planning a tour to promote exchange with the local residents. We aim at contributing to the vitalization of local areas suffering from financial hardship, and it is our goal to invigorate the local economy.


Recommended Artisans


  • Kurosawa Sushi—Cater to Your Desire for Authentici


    Tokyo / 東京都
  • an Experience about Japanese flower arrangement 'Kado' to touch japanese sense of beauty.


    Tokyo / 東京都
  • A learning Shodo (Japanese calligraphy)


    Tokyo / 東京都



Nature Tours地方創生